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MPA alumna chosen as next Bedford town manager

MPA alumna Sarah Stanton is getting ready to take over as town manager of Bedford, Mass., in October. She says the courses she took at Northeastern’s School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs have served as the framework for her success.

“I am deeply thankful for my experience at Northeastern,” said Stanton, who currently serves as budget director for the city of Cambridge. “I utilize Professor (Michael) Dukakis’ ‘key player list’ theory on nearly a daily basis, which is the management principle that no major decision should be made until you, as the chief executive, have been able to gather all key players and interests in the same room to hash out the impacts, positive or negative, of a major decision or policy initiative to be made or implemented.”

As town manager, Stanton will be responsible for directing a variety of executive and administrative processes that oversee town operations, as well as implement and oversee policies crafted by the Board of Selectmen.

According to Stanton, the “Institutional Leadership,” “Public Ethics,” and “Public Policy Analysis” courses she took at Northeastern continue to serve as the framework for success throughout her 12-year career in municipal government.

In addition to career benefits, Stanton says she developed a strong and meaningful personal and professional network at Northeastern.

“Many of my classmates from Northeastern have gone on to be appointed in various roles throughout the country and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,” she said. “It’s valuable to be able to reach out to such a diverse network of friends and advisors to help work through a challenge or bounce an idea off of.”

Published On: September 17, 2018 |
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