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End-of-Year Events: Capstone and Graduation

Congratulations to all of our SPPUA graduates on their capstone accomplishments and commencement. Capstone projects serve as an experiential culmination of our programs in SPPUA, and this year’s topics included (but were certainly not limited to) rainwater harvesting, digital literacy and substance use disorder. Read below for our end-of-year awards. Students had the opportunity to interact with clients such as the City of Somerville, the Boston Public Health Commission and the City of Boston Office of Workforce Development. For photos from our capstone event and from graduation, click here.


2019 Awards

Barry Bluestone “Think and Do” Award:

The Barry Bluestone “Think and Do” Award recognizes the capstone project that embodies our ideal of timely, evidence-based, policy-focused research that addresses an important problem for a client with an intent of positive social change.


Graduate Student Leadership Award

The Graduate Student Leadership Award is given to a student who demonstrates not only the desire to build a strong community among SPPUA students, but also the will to follow through on that desire.

Winners: Dan Doherty and Ami Campbell

Community Impact Award

The Community Impact Award is given to a student who demonstrates a deep commitment to partnering with others to address community issues and thereby bring about transformative change.

Winner: Shela Hidalgo

Outstanding Academic Performance Award

The Outstanding Academic Performance Award is given to the graduate (Master’s or PhD) with the highest GPA.

Winner: Keith Farrell

School Spirit Award

The School Spirit Award recognizes a student who with their academic achievements, outstanding service to the University and larger community, and commitment to putting research into practice embodies the SPPUA spirit.

Winner: Shujia Pang


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