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Student Spotlight: Jeanelle Angus

We’re excited to share a profile of MPA student Jeanelle Angus, who talks about how her involvement in on- and off-campus organizations enriches her Northeastern experience.

Name: Jeanelle C.K. Angus
Program: Master of Public Administration, Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) Fellow
Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL

What made you decide to pursue your MPA degree?
Growing up in an immigrant household, my parents would emphasize the importance of education. I always knew that a bachelors degree would not be enough for me, especially because of my future goals and aspirations. My future goals include running for office and becoming an academic scholar. Upon graduating, I plan to further my studies by pursuing a Ph.D. or law degree.

Why Northeastern?
Growing up in Florida, I always knew that I would move to New York, Boston, or D.C at some point in my life. I met a few friends from Boston that moved to Florida and upon conversing with them, they recommended Northeastern. They also told me that Northeastern was hard to get in and that I might not be able, but I never gave up. Fast-forward three years later, I decided to apply to Northeastern and a few other universities. Upon receiving three acceptance letters, I chose Northeastern because of its accreditation and alumni network in the political and social justice sphere. I am an advocate for social justice and equality and for that reason, I chose Northeastern.

What sorts of on-campus activities are you involved in? Why would you encourage students to make the most of their time here?
I am currently the Treasurer of the Graduate Student of Color Organization and I am also a Graduate Assistant at the John D. O’Bryant African American Institute. Regardless of one’s academic status, undergraduate or graduate, one should consider being active on campus as an opportunity to network and leverage. Although I have only been here since Spring 2019, I have been able to meet a lot of professors and professionals outside of Northeastern due to the number of wonderful events that have been taken place on campus.

Are you involved in any off-campus organizations?
Currently, I volunteer at the Huntington YMCA, and I also try to attend networking events. I also stay politically active in the community by attending community meetings and engagements in the Boston area to network and leverage as a future political candidate.

Tell us about a memorable course:
A memorable course that I enjoyed was Techniques of Policy Analysis with Dr. Richard O’Bryant. This class was memorable because we were able to have open classroom discussions and debates regarding current political policies and issues without offending our opponents. During these discussions, I was able to learn and analyze both sides rather than sticking to our own opinions. This class helped me to become more open-minded and stepped out of my comfort zone.

Any interesting research you’re working on?
Currently, I am preparing for me capstone in either the Spring or Fall of 2020 which will be focused on community policing. At this time, I am unsure of the context and the details, but my passion for community policing and ending police brutality has led me to continue my studies in the field of law and public policy.

What do you love about Boston? Any recommendations for fun activities and/or restaurants?
I love Boston because of the political climate and the endless opportunities that are available to individuals like myself. I also grateful to be in a state that is academically driven and inspiring. I have been in Boston for 18 months and Facebook has become my friend. There are always fun activities posted on Facebook as well as Eventbrite.com. I love the fact there are always professional and unprofessional events from concerts to networking with professionals at new breweries in the area. Boston is definitely the state where young professional folks like myself need to start or kick off their career in order to get to the finish line. I also like to Google restaurants based on my mood, so on weekends I tend to Google “Jamaican Restaurants” and eventually, I realized that Dorchester is the city where most of the Caribbean restaurants are located.

Published On: September 18, 2019 |
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