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Understanding the Supreme Court

On March 2, 2020, students in Professor Dan Urman’s undergraduate “Understanding the Supreme Court” class visited the very institution they were studying—the Court itself—to watch it in action.  The group watched two hours of oral argument, where the Justices questioned 4 attorneys (2 representing the government, 2 representing individuals challenging government action) about their respective cases.  After the oral argument, the group took a private tour and met with two law clerks for Associate Justice Elena Kagan.  The clerks talked about their career journeys, including the decision to attend law school.  Students also met with practicing attorneys in downtown Washington D.C. and heard about various opportunities in public service, the non-profit sector, and private sector.  One student remarked, “attending oral argument was one of the greatest experiences I have had at Northeastern….the speakers had great advice and interesting experiences to share.”


Published On: March 4, 2020 |
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