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Affiliated Faculty

Headshot of Max Abrahms
Max Abrahms
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Jane Amidon's Headshot
Jane Amidon
Professor and Director, Urban Landscape
John Auerbach Headshot
John Auerbach
Distinguished Professor of the Practice in Health Sciences
Peter Boynton
Affiliate Professor of the Practice in the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs
Lee Breckenridge Headshot
Lee P. Breckenridge
Professor of Law
Suzanne Lanyi Charles' Headshot
Suzanne Lanyi Charles
Assistant Professor, School of Architecture
Headshot for Richard Daynard
Richard A. Daynard
University Distinguished Professor of Law
Headshot of Michael Dukakis
Michael Dukakis
Distinguished Professor of Political Science
Headshot for Matt Eckelman
Matthew J. Eckelman
Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Daniel Faber Headshot
Daniel Faber
Professor of Sociology, Director of the Northeastern Environmental Justice Research Collaborative
Headshot for David Fannon
David Fannon
Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Architecture
Headshot of Steve Flynn
Stephen E. Flynn
Founding Director, Global Resilience Institute / Professor of Political Science, Northeastern University
Headshot for Jon Grabowski
Jonathan Grabowski
Associate Professor of Marine and Environmental Science
Headshot for Jacqueline Isaacs
Jacqueline Isaacs
Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Headshot of Benedict Jimenez
Benedict Jimenez
Associate Professor of Political Science
Jeff Juris Headshot
Jeffrey Juris
Associate Professor of Anthropology; Director of the Master's of International Affairs Program
Headshot of Bill Kay
William Kay
Associate Professor of Political Science
Headshot of Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim
Associate Professor of Health Sciences and Social Epidemiology
Headshot of David Lazer
David Lazer
Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Computer and Information Sciences, Co-Director of NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks
Headshot of Kate Luongo
Katherine Luongo
Associate Professor of History
Kristin Madison Headshot
Kristin M. Madison
Professor of Law and Health Sciences
Matthew Nisbet Headshot
Matthew C. Nisbet
Professor of Communication Studies
Headshot of Richard O'Bryant
Richard L. O’Bryant
Advisory Board Member, Humanities Center; Director, John D. O'Bryant African American Institute
Headshot of Kwamina Panford
Kwamina Panford
Associate Professor of Cultures, Societies and Global Studies
Headshot of Serena Parekh
Serena Parekh
Director of Politics, Philosophy and Economics Program; Associate Professor of Philosophy
Wendy Parmet Headshot
Wendy Parmet
George J. and Kathleen Waters Matthews Distinguished University Professor of Law
John Portz Headshot
John Portz
Professor of Political Science; Program Director, MA and PhD Programs
Headshot of David Rochefort
David A. Rochefort
Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Political Science
George Thrush Headshot
George Thrush
Professor and Director, School of Architecture
Michael Tolley Headshot
Michael Tolley
Associate Professor of Political Science
Headshot of Berna Turam
Berna Turam
Director of International Affairs Program; Professor of Sociology and International Affairs
Headshot of Ryan Wang
Ryan Qi Wang
Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Headshot of Dov Waxman
Dov Waxman
Professor of Political Science, International Affairs, and Israel Studies; Stotsky Professor of Jewish Historical and Cultural Studies
Liza Weinstein
Associate Professor of Sociology