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Assessing Post-pandemic Recovery Strategies: Relief, Recovery, Renaissance…

*The Fall 2020 Myra Kraft Open Classroom (MKOC) will be entirely remote. There will be no in-person MKOC events for the fall semester.

Whatever the outcome of the November election, the President will assert a new agenda in January, one that focuses on completing unrealized tasks, or one that will bring a new Administration to Washington. Either way, discussion of public policy agenda-setting in a post-pandemic environment will require thoughtful and, at times, provocative discussions throughout this fall.

Mirroring the pandemic’s affect on just about every aspect of life, this fall’s MKOC presentations and dialogue will cover an expanse of topics: values transformation after earlier plagues, public governance, health, art and culture, race, equity, educational access, economics and small business futures, open space and design resilience, economics and financial planning, infrastructure development, housing, transportation, international relationships, politics, and public safety. We’re excited to welcome fresh voices to dialogue on these issues from multiple perspectives.

Livestream info, weekly topics and panelists forthcoming. Audio and video will be available after each session.


When: Wednesdays, Fall Semester
Time: 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. EST
Where: Online

Course Facilitator
Ted Landsmark, Director, Dukakis Center

Retired professor and former governor Michael Dukakis will discuss future policy trends in the post-COVID era, addressing urban and regional policies covering transportation, urban development, transportation, race, housing, the up-coming national election, governance, and international affairs; his long-term service as Governor and Northeastern faculty member; and his 1988 run for the Presidency. This is a not-to-be-missed conversation facilitated by Prof. Ted Landsmark.