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Master of Public Administration

Message from the Director MPA at a Glance Program Faculty Curriculum


Celebrating 50 Years

The Master of Public Administration program at the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs is celebrating its 50th year of focused training. Our continued legacy of applied, relevant experiential learning has prepared hundreds of students for the public sector. We are looking forward to continuing our tradition of educating tomorrow’s changemakers for many years to come.


In Person, Online or Hybrid

Our Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree may be completed in person, online or a hybrid of both modalities, depending on what’s most convenient for you. The MPA program is the management and leadership degree for those seeking to serve the public good. The program equips its students with skills in policy analysis, program evaluation, research methods, and written and verbal communications. Students also develop competencies in budgeting and human resources, organizational management and leadership, and the interplay between ethics and accountability in a diverse society. Throughout the degree program, students gain career-oriented experience through internships, small group projects, and other interactions with professionals in the field. These experiences are designed to enable the Northeastern MPA graduate to move into a wide array of public and nonprofit sector positions at the local, state, national, and international levels.

Additionally, students can concentrate in health care management and policy to equip themselves to better assess and act within today’s complicated health care sector. Courses in health management, health policy, and an elective comprise the concentration.


Northeastern's MPA program creates impact through its inspiring, interdisciplinary faculty and global network.


Mission Statement

The mission of the MPA Program at Northeastern University is to serve the needs of the public affairs community, including students, working professionals, faculty, and researchers, by providing a practice-oriented and research-based graduate educational experience. The faculty pledges the best instruction available in a set of courses designed to integrate theoretical foundations with practical skills. The MPA Program will prepare students to be effective in a dynamic and increasingly diverse professional environment. We also commit ourselves to assisting students in every possible way to secure internships, post-graduate employment, and overall career advancement. Students, in turn, are expected to meet high levels of academic excellence combined with ethical and professional integrity. Committed to the ideals of public service and advancing the public interest, we seek students who share the same enthusiasm.




Values of the MPA Program

In support of the mission of the MPA Program at Northeastern University, the Faculty Nucleus articulates the following four values that we believe embody the multiple aspects of the program’s mission. We seek to have a program that:

  • Advocates on behalf of the public interest to promote the public good and equity in a democratic society;
  • Instills a strong sense of professional integrity;
  • Develops an appreciation for diversity and inclusion in the professional environment and with the citizenry; and
  • Values an approach to program design and management that is equally informed by a concern for effectiveness, efficient use of professional skills, and the application of ethical principles and practices.