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Manager of Fare and Tariff Policy

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Published: February 19, 2019
Boston, MA
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Manager of Fare and Tariff Policy


Job Summary

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) seeks a Manager of Fare and Tariff Policy as part of a new Automated Fare Collection project. The successful candidate must demonstrate exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail, the ability to analyze and communicate about complex policy issues in a technical context, to identify creative solutions to multifaceted policy problems, and to work on a cross-functional team.

About the MBTA and the AFC 2.0 Project
The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is America's fifth largest transit system offering multi-modal transportation services to 175 member cities and towns and 4.7 million residents across a 3,200 square mile area. It is a public authority and political subdivision of the Commonwealth. The MBTA operates heavy rail, light rail, commuter rail, bus, and commuter boat services.

The primary transportation payment medium in Eastern Massachusetts today is the MBTA CharlieCard (a smart card that stores certain passes or value) and, to a lesser extent, the MBTA CharlieTicket (a magnetic stripe ticket that stores certain passes or value). The MBTA's current fare collections system is limited in its ability to support a robust set of fare policies for public transportation and does not provide for a single, seamless public transportation experience, as payment methods vary among differing transportation services. AFC 2.0 will replace the MBTA's current fare collections system to provide for an integrated, reliable and convenient fare payment and collection system to enable transportation customers to pay fares by tapping contactless bankcards, mobile phones and fare cards across the entire set of transportation services. This new account-based system will support implementation of a robust set of fare policy options for the MBTA, improve operational conditions, increase the security of transactions, and improve revenue control for the MBTA.

The physical implementation of AFC 2.0 will support service improvements and operational savings by removing onboard cash payments from buses and light rail, allowing for all-door boarding on these services, and introducing off-board fare collection to the commuter rail. To support these changes, while limiting fare evasion, the MBTA is moving to a proof-of-payment system requiring a fare inspection process.

Note: This position is a project specific position and is limited to the term of the project (for this purpose: the later of the Full Service Commencement milestone under the Project Agreement and the closeout of the AFC 2.0 Design/Build Contract; this is currently scheduled to occur near the end of MBTA Fiscal Year 2021). Employment beyond the project is left to the discretion of the MBTA at the completion of the project.

The Manager of Fare and Tariff Policy will report to the Director of Fare Policy and Analytics. This position will be responsible for continued development of business rules to guide implementation of MBTA fare policy in the new AFC technology.  This includes translation of existing MBTA fare rules to the new AFC technology, development of new fare policies covering new elements of the AFC system (such as automated fare collection on commuter rail and proof-of-payment with fare inspections), and development of other improvements in MBTA fare rules and partnerships enabled by the new AFC technology. The Manager of Fare and Tariff Policy will work closely with the Director of Fare Policy and Analytics, the AFC 2.0 Project Team, and a cross-functional team working on different aspects of policy related to AFC 2.0.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Identify and document fare policy issues and questions associated with translation and extension of current MBTA fare rules to new AFC 2.0 fare collection technology (in testing, pilot, and full service contexts).
  • Develop business rules documents in close collaboration with internal stakeholders describing MBTA fare policy requirements for the AFC 2.0 system during initial testing, system pilots, and full service.
  • Stay informed about AFC 2.0 project progress and schedule, and identify and elevate fare policy issues and questions relevant to upcoming phases of AFC 2.0 system design and development.
  • Organize, facilitate, and document wide-ranging discussions of fare policy issues with various MBTA personnel and the AFC 2.0 Systems Integrator.
  • Collaborate with MBTA/MassDOT Law Department to develop the public-facing tariff documents.
  • Develop a process to maintain and update all tariff and business rules documents as AFC 2.0 transitions from pilot, transition and into full service.
  • Develop and communicate ad hoc analyses describing the potential impacts of specific fare rule alternatives under different use cases or scenarios to inform discussion.
  • Review and comment on designs and plans submitted by the AFC 2.0 Systems Integrator that relate to fare policy.
  • Expedite processes having to do with fare policy and business processes.
  • Review test plans for tariff testing to ensure coverage across the full complexity of the MBTA tariff, including development of edge cases and ad hoc testing. Coordinate with quality assurance and testing test to execute testing plans.
  • Research different models for revenue apportionment and revenue share agreements across mobility providers and develop recommendations for how the MBTA can integrate our tariff with other transit and mobility service providers.
  • Draft presentations describing AFC 2.0 fare policy issues, considerations, and recommendations at different levels of detail for a range of audiences.
  • Participate in presentations on AFC 2.0 fare policy development to various internal and external stakeholders.
  • Possible supervision of junior staff or interns
  • Adhere to rules, regulations, collective bargaining agreements (if applicable) and policies of the MBTA including the EEO, anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, and anti-retaliation policies.
  • Perform all other duties and projects that may be assigned.

Minimum Requirements/Qualifications

  • Bachelor's Degree from an accredited institution in transportation planning, public policy, political science, business, economics, or a related field.
  • Three (3) or more years of experience in policy analysis or development.
  • One (1) or more years experience in project management.
  • Creative problem-solving ability.
  • Very detail-oriented and organized.
  • Strong writing and record keeping ability.
  • Strong technical ability, including proficiency with Excel.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills.
  • Ability to effectively collaborate on a cross-functional team.
  • Ability to plan, multi-task, and manage time effectively.
  • The ability to pass: background screenings: a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check; and the MBTA's drug and alcohol screening.
  • Have a satisfactory work record including overall employment, job performance, discipline and safety records. For internal candidates, the aforementioned applies the two (2) years immediately prior to the closing date of the posting. Infractions and/or offenses occurring after the closing of the posting and before the filling of a vacancy may preclude a candidate from consideration.
  • The ability to work effectively with a diverse workforce.

Substitutions Include

  • A Master's Degree from an accredited institution in transportation planning, public policy, political science, business, economics, or a related field may substitute two (2) years of experience in policy analysis or development.


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