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JD/MS in Law and Public Policy

The JD/MS in Law and Public Policy (LPP) is a joint program with and open only to students in the Northeastern University School of Law designed to equip graduates with a unique blend of skills for navigating a complex and rapidly changing policy landscape. The program builds on students’ legal training with a compelling blend of skills in applied public policy analysis, policy design, and strategic policy formation. Students also gain career-relevant experience through internships, small group capstone projects, and other interactions with professionals in the field. All are part of a learning process designed to enable the Northeastern Law and Public Policy graduates to navigate, and to redefine, diverse policy areas.

Ideally, students apply to the JD and the MS in Law and Public Policy (LPP) simultaneously. Those who apply and are admitted complete the MS in LPP after completing the first year in the School of Law. Applicants will also be considered once enrolled in the JD, provided the student applies for entry to the MS in LPP in the Fall of year 2 or the Fall of year 3 of the JD program. In these cases, permission of the School of Law is required.


Degree Requirements

Students in the JD/MS in Law and Policy generally complete the MS degree component of the joint degree after their first year at NU Law School. Taking 9SH in Law Electives into account, the MS degree can be completed over three semesters (fall, spring and summer).

The J.D./M.S. Core

The JD/MS LPP Core (22 SH)
Students in JD/MS in Law and Public Policy develop their skills in policy analysis, research methods, and strategies for policy design by completing 22 SH in core requirements. Core courses may be taken in any sequence, with the exception of the Capstone course (PPUA7673), which is always completed in the spring semester.

Beyond the Core

JD/MS General Electives (6 SH)
JD/MS students complete two electives (6 SH) in a policy focus area: sustainability, climate change and environment, health policy, and urban policy. Electives can be completed a wide array of electives offered by the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs and by other programs in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities and elsewhere in the University.

JD/MS Law Electives (9 SH)
JD/MS students typically apply 12QH from the School of Law as 9SH in Law Electives. With the approval of the program, students may substitute additional General Electives for Law Electives.

Experiential Component

JD/MS students can complete the MS degree experiential requirement through a policy relevant internship or by applying a Law School coop experience. Consult with program faculty on which route is most appropriate.

In total, the J.D./M.S. degree requires 37 semester hours. Current and prospective students should refer to the 2018-2019 Graduate Catalog for a description of the JD/MS in Law and Public Policy Program.

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Requirements and policies subject to change. For up-to-date information, contact Louis DaRos or view the official graduate catalogue for a full listing of graduate level courses.