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Assistant to the Chief of Planning

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    Boston Planning & Development Agency

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    Boston, MA

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    Under the direction of the Chief of Planning, serve as contact, liaison, and scheduling manager in dealings with a wide cross section of the Agency staff, professional consultants, mayor’s office, city officials, community groups, and businesses.  Provide support in all efforts to maintain and enhance current records, systems, practices, and procedures for departmental functions.  Provide assistance to the Chief of Planning, the Deputy Chief of Development and Transformation, and senior staff, as needed. Someone in this role must be highly adaptable, extremely well organized, decisive and have excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.


    *The general duties and responsibilities of the position are included in but not limited to the information listed below. *

    • Assist the Chief of Planning by serving as a contact, liaison and scheduling manager in dealings with the Boston Planning and Development Agency departments and staff, the Mayor’s office, other City departments staff, community groups, stakeholders, developers and businesses.

    • Organize the daily schedule of the Chief of Planning and keep him/her on schedule.

    • Manage correspondence for the Chief of Planning including formal written correspondence and informal electronic communications on various platforms (i.e., email, slack, etc.)

    • Ensure the delivery of high-quality customer service and maintain effective working relationships with the public, BPDA departments and staff, and other departments and agencies within the City of Boston.

    • Coordinate set-up, preparation and distribution of materials, and other logistical arrangements for meetings.

    • Organize calls, emails, meetings, and incoming documents in order to maximize efficiency and respond to requests in a timely fashion.

    • Establish, maintain, and update files, both electronic and paper. Locate and retrieve requested materials. Photocopy and distribute materials, as required. Purge and archive files periodically in accordance with agency archiving policies.

    • Develop an active knowledge of ongoing projects so as to best serve the agency.

    • Maintain and update sensitive files for ongoing, past and future department projects. Safeguard and maintain the confidentiality and integrity of all information.

    • Maintain and update current knowledge of policies and procedures, pertinent executive orders and ordinances, and other applicable regulations or statutes pertaining to the operations of the office.

    • Perform other related duties as required, for the office of the Chief of Planning to function at the optimal level of efficiency.



    Completion of a bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning, Economics, Public Administration, Liberal Arts, Business Administration, or related fields or equivalent, is preferred. A minimum of 2-3 or more years of related experience in administration is also preferred.  Must have exceptional organizational skills, ability to deal with conflicts without being confrontational,   and be comfortable handling several tasks and deadlines at once.  A high level of proficiency with office software is required, including proficiency with Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.  Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are essential, to interface with people at all levels of government and in the private sector.  A basic understanding of and some experience in the fields of urban planning, development and city government is highly desirable.  Exceptional critical thinking and decision-making skills are necessary.