MPA Direct Path IAF Direct Path Student Initiated PlusOne


Designed for academically outstanding, highly motivated and resourceful students, the PlusOne Program allows students to accelerate their studies by applying graduate credits taken as an undergraduate toward both undergraduate and graduate degrees.



Direct Paths

If you are a motivated and academically outstanding student, you can begin earning a Master of Public Administration and Master of Arts in International Affairs during your junior year while completing your Bachelor’s degree. This is achieved by “double counting” up to 16 graduate credits toward both your graduate and undergraduate degree requirements. As a result, with appropriate academic progress, you can complete a rigorous and rewarding full-curriculum master’s degree program one year earlier than a traditional master’s program.


Student Initiated PlusOne Program

Design your own PlusOne program by combining your undergraduate degree with a Master of Science in Urban Planning and Policy, Master of Science in Urban Informatics, or Master of Public Policy, Master in International Affiars. Student Initiated PlusOne Programs require additional steps so please be sure to follow the outline on the this form.


“For me, the benefits of the BS/MPA PlusOne program were myriad. Courses in public administration supplemented my theory-heavy political science classes, and afforded me a more practical, real-world perspective on class topics. Being enrolled in both programs simultaneously allowed me to actively apply distinct perspectives across disciplines. In addition, dual-counting a few courses allowed me to complete both degrees in five years – the same amount of time I would have spent on just an undergraduate degree – while saving a little bit of money.”

– Joseph Nania, BS in Political Science ’15; Master of Public Administration ’16


The PlusOne Program offers:

  • The challenge of advanced academic coursework during both undergraduate and graduate studies.
  • Guaranteed placement in the student’s graduate degree program based upon successful completion of the program’s undergraduate degree requirements and by meeting the academic standards defined for the specific PlusOne program.
  • A full master’s degree based upon the same total credit hour requirements as a traditional master’s degree, not a reduced credit hour curriculum.
  • The opportunity to enter the job market with an advanced degree one full year earlier than through a traditional master’s program.
  • Reduced total cost of a master’s degree. Up to 16 graduate credit hours taken as an undergraduate count toward the master’s degree at no additional cost.
  • Distinct, differentiating, competitive advantages in today’s job market—in expanded employment opportunities, career advancement options, and financial rewards.
  • An expanded professional network of graduate-level connections—professors, mentors, and the expansive Northeastern University global alumni network.