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Christine Shaw

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Note: Christine Shaw graduated spring 2012.

Christine is the Executive Director of the Northeast Regional Readiness Center working with a consortium of post-secondary, district and community agencies around education initiatives. The program is part of the Executive office of Education, educator outreach efforts. In addition, She  is a national fellow for the Association of Career and Technical Education working to further policy efforts for Career and Technical Education at both state and national levels.

“I selected the LPP program specifically for the expertise of the faculty and research projects faculty at NEU are involved in. I had spent over a decade working in education and workforce development and was looking for a PhD program that would allow me to integrate both education policy and workforce development. The LPP faculty have a number of relevant and current initiatives in both education policy and workforce development providing a perfect platform for my research and interests.

My research involves looking at a traditionally non-college bound population, Career and Technical Education graduates, and exploring the college going practices of graduates over a 10 year period of time. I had the opportunity to assist with the development of a comprehensive high school to college database by the Center for Labor Market Studies which is the basis of my research.

I am fundamentally interested in education policy targeting workforce development. If we step back for a moment, all education policy is ultimately targeting successful entrance into a career. However, we have a breakdown between the secondary educational experience, postsecondary opportunities and ultimate workforce needs. If we are to truly create a k-16 educational system, we must acknowledge where the breakdowns are and bridge gaps in both education opportunity and career/labor market information.”

Published On: April 7, 2015