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Seeing Boston Neighborhoods through Administrative Data

Students in “Big Data for Cities,” an introductory course to the M.S. in Urban Informatics, are learning data management, and they are working with real datasets of up to 551,000 records spanning five to 15 years that were developed by the Boston Area Research Initiative in collaboration with the city of Boston…
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Dietmar Offenhuber

Dietmar Offenhuber’s research could be described as accountability design – focusing on the relationship between visual representations and urban governance. He traveled to Manila, Philippines, to explore in-depth the city’s electricity grid and street lighting system…
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Matthias Ruth

The study establishes a relationship between sky view factors (SVFs) and building densities and heights in a neighborhood. Systematic analysis of impacts of urban morphology on the SVF can reveal how spatial distribution and height of buildings can modify the urban environment through attenuation of solar radiation and shading…
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James Connolly

James Connolly analyzes how the institutions that shape urban environmental land-use policy are structured spatially and politically, as well as how they are changed. His current research examines community development and mainstream environmental coalitions in state-level urban environmental policies…
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Dan O’Brien

“We now have the opportunity to precisely understand patterns and processes, and what gives rise to those things that we all see and experience. And this knowledge directly informs how the policy maker might better serve the city.”..
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Antonio Vázquez Brust

Antonio Vázquez Brust is an Argentinean urban planner and information technologist who spent the first ten years of his professional career designing and maintaining large-scale computer systems. After completing his Master of Science in Urban Informatics in May 2017 with a perfect GPA of 4.0, he returned to Argentina to launch a new Data Lab at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella’s School of Government…
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Seattle is Northeastern’s West Coast campus for graduate studies and a city with strong ties to innovation. Seattle’s MPA is offered in a hybrid format.


Charlotte is home to one of Northeastern’s graduate campuses, and the city is at the center of global business. Charlotte’s MPA is offered in a hybrid format.


Boston, a city known as a global hub for higher learning and service, is home of Northeastern’s main campus. Boston’s MPA is offered in a hybrid or on-campus format that accommodates working professionals…
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Michael Dukakis

“The School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs has been doing some of the best research anywhere on the key issues that face the Commonwealth and its communities.”..
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