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Seattle is Northeastern’s West Coast campus for graduate studies and a city with strong ties to innovation. Seattle’s MPA is offered in a hybrid format.


Charlotte is home to one of Northeastern’s graduate campuses, and the city is at the center of global business. Charlotte’s MPA is offered in a hybrid format.


Boston, a city known as a global hub for higher learning and service, is home of Northeastern’s main campus. Boston’s MPA is offered in a hybrid or on-campus format that accommodates working professionals…
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Michael Dukakis

“The School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs has been doing some of the best research anywhere on the key issues that face the Commonwealth and its communities.”..
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Jenna DeAngelo

“Through the variety of courses I took at the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, I am better equipped to talk about policy issues.”..
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Vaishali Kushwaha

Vaishali Kushwaha, a PhD in Law and Public Policy student with a focus in urban sustainability, hopes to work on policy and governance frame books for Asian cities in an effort to make them more sustainable…
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Ben Hoffman

“For most of my life I have had to choose between a career that has meaning and one that pays the bills. This program represents an opportunity to find one that does both.”..
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Andrew Bryant

“Interning at NECHV gave me great insight into both nonprofit organizations and the politics of veterans’ affairs. It also taught me several lessons about public administration in general. As in any industry, the public administration field comes with its own set of unique challenges and hurdles. I was fortunate to experience and learn from many of these challenges this summer. This hands-on experience will allow me to excel both in the classroom and in my future professional endeavors.”..
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Antonio Vázquez Brust

“I really like how the program is connected to what is going on in Boston. We are just beginning it, and we’re going to have a live discussion with representatives from the city of Boston that deal with urban informatics. I’m loving it. I think it’s very hands-on.”..
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