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Why Study Public Policy?

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The economy, education, health care, transportation, housing, the environment, energy, jobs — virtually every aspect of daily life is affected by public policy decisions at all levels of government activity. W

Who makes important policy decisions, in what manner, and based on what evidence or criteria are issues of utmost importance, especially as public problems grow ever more complex, interconnected, global, and multi-generational. These challenges demand rigorous analysis, the capacity to weigh multiple and often equally compelling policy choices, and a subtle understanding of the strategies needed to turn policy choices into impact.

The graduate programs at the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs (SPPUA) are designed to provide training and experience that adapts to these complexities. With its home in Boston, SPPUA affords students an urban foundation for study and research that will translate further afield to wherever students’ career paths take them.

Published On: October 1, 2019