Hosted by the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, SPPUA in Action Seminar Series is a community-building initiative that brings together faculty, students, alumni, and friends of the School to share their current work, either research or practice. The goal is to strengthen the School’s network by discussing ideas and showing its diversity of projects.

Each hour-long seminar features either one 30-minute or two 15-minute presentations with plenty of time for interactive discussion. All presentations are held at Renaissance Park, Room 310.

Spring 2019 Schedule

1512-1 p.m.Reflections on UNFCCC's International Negotiations in Poland. -Northeastern's Student Climate Delegation
313-4 p.m.The Remarkable Resilience of Food Stamps.

Shoreline Design for Ecological Resilience.
-Christopher Bosso, Professor of Public Policy; Associate Director, School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs

-Ashley Cryan, Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology PhD candidate
2112-1 p.m.How Self-Interest and Group Identity Shape Opioid Treatment Policy Opinion.

Network Science Towards Understanding the Resilience of Socio-Technical Systems.
-Justin de Benedictis-Kessner, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Boston Area Research Initiative

-Sahar Mirzaee, PhD candidate and Instructor of Record at Northeastern University
1912-1 p.m.Reducing Inequality Summer by Summer: An Evaluation of the Boston Summer Youth Employment Program.

The Supreme Court & Policy Challenges in 2019 and Beyond.
-Alicia Sasser-Modestino, Associate Professor of Public Policy and Urban Affairs and Economics; Associate Director, Dukakis Center

-Dan Urman, Director of Hybrid & Online Programs, School of Law
212-1 p.m.Infrastructure Investment, Development, Revenue, and Repeat: How New Urban Districts get Built.

Climate Change Progress in the US: How can we do it?
-Tim Love, Associate Professor, Graduate Program Coordinator

-Ken Kimmell, President, Union of Concerned Scientists