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Supreme Court rulings will affect higher ed in 2023, Northeastern experts say

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Two cases with major impact on higher education will be decided by the Supreme Court in 2023. The conservative-leaning justices will be ruling on affirmative action as well as a student-loan forgiveness initiative offered by President Joe Biden, a Democrat.

Dan Urman, who teaches courses on the Supreme Court at Northeastern, anticipates that both programs will be rolled back by the court in the months ahead.

“The harder cases tend to drop in late June, in part because they involve considerable back and forth between the majority and dissent,” says Urman, director of Northeastern’s Law and Public Policy Minor. “Society overall, and especially higher ed, will be bracing and preparing for these rulings.”

Urman and Martha Davis, university distinguished professor of law at Northeastern, offer their views on major decisions expected by the Supreme Court over the next six months.

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