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They provide expertise, rigorous content and inspiration. Northeastern surprises professors with University Excellence in Teaching Awards

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Two Northeastern University faculty ended last week with plenty of reason to celebrate: They were awarded Northeastern’s annual University Excellence in Teaching Award.

Every year Northeastern recognizes educators who demonstrate deep expertise in their field, provide rigorous content in their courses and inspire their students. Miso Kim, assistant professor of art and design, and Laura Kuhl, assistant professor of public policy and urban affairs and international affairs, received the university’s top teaching honors this year.

Kim helped create Northeastern’s experience design program, which focuses on understanding the human experience––goals, needs and desires––in order to craft better design solutions. The crown jewels of her curricula are courses focused on designing for collective experiences and designing for dignity. Kim’s design for dignity course was selected as one of the first design courses to be offered at Mills College at Northeastern University.

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