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Current Student Resources

Program's Tracking Sheet
  • PhD in Political Science
  • MA in Political Science
  • MS in Security and Resilience Studies
Forms and Applications
  • Directed Study and Readings Contract Form– For graduate students interested in a directed study. Please talk with your instructor and include reading lists, required assignments, and how the course will be evaluated on a separate sheet attached to the form.
  • PhD Dissertation Proposal Guidelines– For PhD candidates to be used in their first semester of candidacy as a general guide to aid in the creation of a Dissertation Proposal.
  • PhD Petition to Schedule Dissertation Defense– For PhD candidates to be filled out and submitted at least 3 weeks before Dissertation Defense.
  • MA Thesis Proposal Guidelines– For MA students to be used prior to enrolling in the Thesis Course [POLS 7990] as a general guide to aid in the creation of a Thesis Proposal. [due three weeks prior to the semester]
  • Conference Funding Proposal Instructions– The Department maintains a small fund to assist PhD student participation in or attendance at professional meetings. PhD students are required to submit an application to the PhD Network as well.
  • Graduate Student Government has funding available for master’s students.
Comprehensive Exam Information (PhD)
  • Please fill out the Graduate Petition Form to notify the department that you are planning to take the Comprehensive Exam.Instructions:
    1. Fill out form completely (in the request portion, put “Comprehensive exam” and the semester/year you are taking it) Please include a list of the courses you have completed. *You should complete this form and turn it in the semester before you plan to take the exam.
    2. Meet with your advisor to get their signature.
    3. Turn the form into the Graduate Program Administrator (903 RP).
    4. Register for POLS 8960 Exam Preparation
    5. At the beginning of the semester you plan to take the Comprehensive Exam, we will contact you to meet with the Program Director.


PhD Network

PhD Network

Know Your Title IX

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