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Graduate Program in Political Science

Applicants and admitted students are invited and encouraged to join one of our Welcome Days.
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PhD in Political Science

The PhD in Political Science covers four fields: American government, comparative politics, international relations, and public policy.  The curriculum introduces students to all four fields, though each student will concentrate on a primary and secondary field. The program also develops a student’s research skills through a series of methodology courses. This curriculum then acts as a foundation for our PhD candidates in the writing and defending of their dissertations. The PhD program prepares students as practitioners, researchers, and teachers.

Master of Arts in Political Science

The Master of Arts in Political Science provides training in the core scholarly areas of political science plus signature concentrations in Security Studies, European Studies, and Middle East Studies.Courses in the MA program serve as a foundation for work in a doctoral program or as preparation for a career in government, a nonprofit organization, or the private sector.

Master of Arts in Security and Resilience Studies

The Master of Science in Security and Resilience Studies utilizes the interdisciplinary expertise of scholars from across Northeastern University. A cutting-edge academic program, it provides a unique combination of traditional security studies coursework with training in technical fields such as cyber-security policy, business sustainability, and urban resilience.

What’s New:

Certificate in Security and Resilience Studies is designed as a gateway to the MS in Security and Resilience Studies, offering some of the core courses of that program to students who are not able to commit to the longer and more rigorous MS program. Students may take the Certificate alone or proceed on to join the MS program, with satisfactory performance. While the MS provides students with both policy and technical skills, the Certificate focuses on policy studies and the intellectual frameworks that guide this developing field.

The PlusOne Program allows students to accelerate their study by applying graduate credits taken as an undergraduate toward both an undergraduate and graduate degree.