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A Model for Disaster Recovery

In the November 5th publication of news@Northeastern, we see the success of the Security and Resilient Studies Program core course Critical Infrastructure Resilience that is co-taught with engineering Professor Auroop Ganguly.
In the article, engineering PhD student Udit Bhatia is highlighted and discusses the importance of this course, “Researchers develop a new top to guide recovery from disasters,” for building a computerized model guiding those in crisis management to prepare for, and recover from, disasters. Looking specifically at the Indian Railways Network and the MBTA, Bhatia, using the model he developed, was able to determine critical stations requiring immediate attention in the case of a disaster. Bhatia credits the interdisciplinary engineering graduate program with giving him the skills necessary to build such a model. Courses such as Professor Stephen Flynn’s “Critical Infrastructure Resilience,” allow students to analyze the issues in modern infrastructure and how to fix them. Recently testifying before the U.S. House of Representatives, Professor Flynn mentioned Bhatia’s model, remarking that, “This model gives you the ability to say, ‘These are the most crit­ical nodes in the net­work, which if they failed, would cause a domino effect in the case of a disruption.”” To read the full article, please click here.

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