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Variable Meter Pricing throughout Boston

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh recently announced a pilot program to switch over 8,000 parking meters to “smart meters” which will gather data on various statistics the city will use to begin making decisions regarding the variable pricing for parking. Other cities throughout the country have adopted variable parking price programs to clear up traffic by increasing the meter price based on the current demand. Professor Daniel Aldrich contributed to the article, “Walsh explores variable pricing for city parking,” remarking that, “The better we reduce drive-through and parking, the better the quality of life, business transactions and foot traffic. That is demonstrated by research.” However, a few students from Northeastern disagree over the practicality of variable pricing, citing the undue burden it will now place on those commuting throughout the area. To read the full article, please click here.

Published On: October 9, 2015 | Tags: ,,,,,
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