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Adam Wood

Doctoral Candidate

Adam Wood is a doctoral student in the Department of Political Science at Northeastern University, specializing in Comparative Politics and American Politics. He has a strong background and interest in Counterterrorism and National Security.

Research Interests

Adam is particularly interested in the ideologies and the ways they do (and don’t) affect political behavior. He is particularly interested in the role that religion plays in terrorism and extreme political movements and the ways that religion and other ideologies affect political actors.


Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, Adam attended Louisiana State University where he majored in Political Science with additional focus on History and Russian Area Studies. Shortly after graduating, he began a teaching position in Moscow where he lived and worked for three years.

Since returning to the US, Adam has worked in the energy sector as well as an accounting department. While working full time, he also completed his MA at Northeastern in 2016 where he focused on Terrorism and National Security.

Adam lives in Salem, MA with his wife Natasha, a grant manager for a Boston-based non-profit, and baby Owen. He enjoys reading, cooking, music, arguing about pronunciation with his Welsh wife, and keeping up with politics and current events.


Degrees earned and institutions:

BA, Political Science, Louisiana State University

MA, Political Science, Northeastern University


Research Interests: Political Ideologies, Terrorism, Religion and Politics, Political Psychology

Contact info:
960A Renaissance Park