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Jennifer Ostojski

Doctoral Student

Jennifer Ostojski is a doctoral student in the Department of Political Science at Northeastern University, specializing in Comparative Politics and International Politics. She has a strong background and interest in the European Union, supranational institutions, and state building.

Research Interests

Jennifer is particularly interested in supranational institutions – especially the European Union –, how they handle cooperation among states (when facing crises), and how their existence effects the sovereignty of said individual member states.

Prior Work

During her undergraduate studies Jennifer held the position of research assistant under Professor Joseph Coelho, working on themes regarding state building in Kosovo.


Born and raised in Germany, Jennifer has spent the majority of her years post High School in the United States. In 2016 she graduated with a BA in Political Science, minoring in Sociology. Her passion for Political Science was sparked during a civil rights elective. And even though she now focuses on the European Union, it was that one particular elective that has steered her academic pursuits. She is fluent in Polish and German and can – if the situation ever arises – translate documents from Latin and Ancient Greek.

Conference Presentations

“The Rise of Euroscepticism and its toll on the future of the European Union”. Presented at the New England Political Science Association Conference, Newport, RI, USA. April 2016.


Degrees earned and institutions:

AA, Liberal Arts, Massachusetts Bay Community College (2014)

BA, Political Science, Framingham State University (2016)


Research Interests: European Union, Euroscepticism, Conflict Management, International Security

Contact info:
960A Renaissance Park