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Maria Robson

Doctoral Candidate

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Maria Robson is a doctoral student in the Department of Political Science at Northeastern University, specializing in international relations and comparative politics. She has a strong background and interest in international security and intelligence studies. Maria Robson is currently working as a Pre-Doctoral Research Assistant at the Global Resilience Institute, under Dr. Stephen Flynn. She has served as a Research Assistant for Professor Denis Sullivan (researching refugees) and Professor Bill Miles (researching the role of religion in politics). Maria has Teaching Assistant and Guest Lecturing experience in International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Espionage History.


Research Interests

Maria’s research focuses on international security and intelligence sharing, applying international relations theory and economic theory to how states share intelligence to further national security. Her past research focused on Cold War European history and British intelligence history; she has guest lectured on the role of British codebreaking in World War II.

Prior Work

Security Intelligence Analysis:
Maria has professional experience monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on international security threats for the energy industry, including the Middle East (primarily Yemen), Africa (Nigeria, Uganda), and the Americas (Canada, US, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil).

Maria has provided security analysis support to various institutions through her own Canadian company, Western Analytics Inc. She spent four years as the Global Security Analyst at Nexen Energy ULC in Canada.

Maria has been involved for fourteen years with the Civitas Society, a Canadian non-profit dedicated to the discussion of ideas, primarily on civil society and public policy, where she contributes to planning and running the society’s annual conference.
She worked for five years at the Donner Canadian Foundation in Toronto, Canada, facilitating grant-making to charitable organizations.


Maria hails from Toronto, Canada, and spent five years in the Western Canadian province of Alberta, hiking and camping in the Rocky Mountains while pursuing her Master’s and subsequently working in the energy industry. She has backpacked in Peru and studied, presented research, and traveled in Europe. She enjoys puzzles and games and captained a trivia team in Calgary, Canada.
Maria is an active participant in public policy discussions in Canada, having participated in non-profit policy discussions and volunteered on political campaigns. She was a founding executive of the University of Toronto’s Model Parliament.

Publications and Certifications

Robson, Maria A. “Risk Analysis Beyond Government Agencies: Conceptualizing Private Sector Intelligence”. 2019. Journal of European and American Intelligence.

Dau, Luis A, Elizabeth M. Moore, Amilcar A. Barreto, Maria A. Robson. “Economic Nationalism and International Business” in International Firms’ Economic Nationalism and Trade Policies in the Globalization Era, Harish Chandan and Bryan Christiansen (eds.). IGI Global, 2019.

Robson, Maria. “Signals in the sea: the value of Ultra intelligence in the Mediterranean in World War II”. 2014. Journal of Intelligence History 13(2): 176-188.


Corporate Intelligence Analysis, Tradecraft, and Writing Certification, Emergent Risk International, March 2015

Analyst Training Certification: Writing, Analysis & Preparing Briefings, Instructor: Dr. Mark Lowenthal, Intelligence and Security Academy, 2014

Conference Presentations and Guest Lectures

“Ultra: The Allied Secret Weapon”
Lecturer: Military Museums Lecture Series 2016, Calgary, Canada

“Signals in the Sea: The Value of Ultra Intelligence in the Mediterranean during World War II”
Panelist: International Intelligence History Association Conference 2014, Athens, Greece

“Weak States, Strong Ties: Intelligence Sharing and Asymmetrical Capabilities”
Panelist: Canada and the Challenges of Global Politics in the 21st Century Conference 2013, Halifax, Canada

“Intelligence and Alliances: Canadian Signals Intelligence, Past and Present”
Panelist: Canada’s Security Interests: Canadian Defence Association Institute 2012, Kingston, Canada

“The Canadian Advantage: Cold War Signals Intelligence”
Panelist: Centre for Military and Strategic Studies Conference 2012, Calgary, Canada

“Follow the Money: How Insider Trading Can Reveal Terrorist Threats”
Panelist: Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies Conference, 2011, Ottawa, Canada


Degrees earned and institutions:

Master of Military, Security, and Strategic Studies – University of Calgary

Bachelor of Arts (Honors), International Relations, Economics, and History – University of Toronto

Research Interests: International security and intelligence sharing, applying international relations theory and economic theory to how states share intelligence to further national security

Contact info:
960A Renaissance Park

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