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Timothy Fraser

Doctoral Student

Timothy Fraser is a third-year PhD student in the Department of Political Science at Northeastern University, specializing in Public Policy and Comparative Politics.
His current research applies mixed methods to study disaster evacuation, recovery, and adaptation through renewable energy. He uses network analysis, GIS, statistical modeling in R, and fieldwork. He has co-authored 10 articles on disaster social science and energy policy. His past work examined Japanese nuclear power politics and community impacts of renewable power plant siting. He has taught in the following roles at Northeastern:

Course Instructor:

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Timothy received his BA in International and Global Studies from Middlebury College, and his MA in Political Science from Northeastern University. He spent five years training in Japanese language and nearly two years in the field interviewing Japanese citizens, activists, and policymakers about controversial energy projects in their community. Prior to enrolling in the PhD program, he researched nuclear and solar power politics in Japan on a 2016 Fulbright Fellowship at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan. He enjoys learning foreign languages, hiking, and network visualizations.


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Conference Presentations

“Restarting the Sendai Reactor: Japanese Civic Activism after Fukushima.” Presented at the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs Thesis in Dialogue Conference at Middlebury College, February 24, 2017.


Degree earned and institution:

BA, International & Global Studies, Middlebury College

MA, Political Science, Northeastern University

Research Interests: Environmental Politics, Disaster Recovery, Japanese Politics, Civil Society

Contact info:
960A Renaissance Park


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