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Ian McManus

PhD May 2016

In May 2016 Ian McManus completed his doctoral candidacy in the Department of Political Science at Northeastern University. In spring 2015, he was a visiting scholar with the Otto Suhr Institute of Political Science at the Free University of Berlin. His research project was funded through a generous grant from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Research Interests

Ian’s primary research is on comparative politics and international political economy. In particular, his dissertation explores the effects of the global economic crisis on advanced welfare states focusing on how political and institutional variables shaped the social spending responsiveness of national governments. This research combines advanced quantitative techniques, utilizing panel data analysis of 28 OECD countries, and in-depth qualitative case studies. The dissertation addresses an important gap in the welfare state literature by analyzing how social policies are affected during times of severe financial crisis and explaining why government responses to Great Recession varied so significantly among interdependent economies.

Work Experience

As a lecturer at Northeastern University, Ian teaches a course on Research Methods in Political Science which explores the range of research techniques and designs used in political science. Topics include experimental research, quantitative techniques, comparative methods, case studies, interviews, surveys, research ethics, and other subjects relevant to research in the discipline. Ian also teaches a course on Comparative Politics, which explores cross-national variations in political systems and processes to understand issues such as global governance, economic development, social policies, civil society, and democratization. He has provided support as a Teaching Assistant for courses in Comparative Politics, International Law, International Relations, and Globalization.

Ian has served as a research assistant on several projects funded through the National Science Foundation and Department of Defense on the governance of health, environmental, and security risks associated with emerging technologies. He received funding from the European Commission to participate in the 2015 ACCESS EUROPE Summer School on Democracy and the Financial Crisis in Europe sponsored by VU University Amsterdam. Ian has received a five-year University Excellence Fellowship through Northeastern University for distinction in scholarship and a research grant from the Department of Political Science to attend the University of Michigan’s ICPSR: Summer Program in Quantitative Research Methods. His essay on the development of a coordinated strategy for economic development and democratization won the “Think Transatlantic” Graduate Essay Competition sponsored by the German Embassy as part of a joint German-U.S. initiative to promote transatlantic relations.

In addition to his graduate studies, Ian has nearly eight years of experience as a project coordinator for an international non-profit organization working on global health and human development issues in collaboration with the WHO, UNESCO, and several other UN entities. As an undergraduate, he also worked at the Boston State House as an Administrative Aide for a Massachusetts State Representative.


Ian McManus and Johannes Eijmberts. Forthcoming. “Multi-level Governance of Nanotechnology in Europe: Policy Variation in Germany, the UK, and the Netherlands.” European Review.

Michael Becker, Matthew Cohen, Sidita Kushi, and Ian McManus. 2015. “Reviving the Russian Empire: A Rationalist Model of State Intervention.” European Security.

Articles Under Review

Ian McManus. “The Politics of Post-Crisis Social Spending: Analysis of the US and UK.”

Sidita Kushi and Ian McManus. “Gender, Crisis and the Welfare State: Female Unemployment Outcomes across OECD Countries”.


Ian is an active member in a number of political science organizations including the American Political Science Association, International Studies Association, Council for European Studies, and the Harvard Research Workshop on History, Institutions, and Politics. In addition to his academic pursuits, Ian is deeply interested in European and American history, contemporary literature and art, as well as independent music and film. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoys hiking, swimming, kayaking, and downhill skiing. He loves to travel and explore new cultures, traditions, and cuisines.

Research Interests: International Political Economy, Global Governance, European Studies, Politics of Post-Crisis Welfare State Spending.

BA, UMASS Amherst
MA, Northeastern University

Contact info:
210Q Renaissance Park

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