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Key Contacts

Professor Costas Panagopoulos

Department Chair

c.panagopoulos@northeastern.edu / ext: Room Number 902 RP

Professor John Portz

PhD and MA Graduate Program Director

j.portz@northeastern.edu / ext: Room Number 902 RP

Professor Daniel Aldrich

MS Security and Resilience Studies Graduate Program Director

d.aldrich@northeastern.edu / ext: Room Number 215F RP

Shannon Usher

Administrative Assistant

s.usher@northeastern.edu / ext: 617.373.2796 / 9th Floor Renaissance Park

Janet-Louise Joseph

Administrative Officer

j.joseph@northeastern.edu / ext: 617.373.2797 / 908 Renaissance Park

Pete Morency

Academic Administrator, Graduate Programs

p.morency@northeastern.edu / ext: 617.373.4404 / 903 Renaissance Park