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Hudson Center for Political-Military Analysis Internships Available

The Center seeks interns year-round to help research and analyze a variety of foreign, defense, intelligence, and homeland security/counterterrorism policy issues.

Interns can work full-time or part-time, at any hours of the day and from any location.

Desirable qualifications include good research and writing skills as well as an interest in political and military issues throughout the world. Knowledge of Russia, China

If interested, please send resume and cover letter to Richard Weitz at weitz@hudson.org



Much of Hudson’s research and analysis occurs through its various centers. Hudson Institute’s Center for Political-Military Affairs seeks to employ an integrated analysis of how diplomacy, political developments, the changing nature of military conflict, and other major forces are shaping 21st century international affairs. It seeks to evaluate critical variables that might alter the trajectory of influences and events and to consider the potential impact of powerful nonlinear forces, or wildcards that might radically alter outcomes. Ultimately, the center seeks to understand the dynamics that could influence actors’ formulation of strategies for dealing with the future; to characterize those strategies; to explore where and how strategies of different actors could intersect, converge, or collide; and to identify challenges and opportunities that could result from these interactions.

The Center’s current research agenda includes managing the rise of China, the resurgence of Russia, enhancing homeland security, and countering the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Interns typically research current and future security issues, write both short memorandums and longer papers, analyze public policy debates, attend public and private briefings, and interact with visiting experts, political leaders, and representatives of the media. Although interns work independently, their performance is always supervised by a senior scholar, who provides constant feedback.

Of note, like the U.S. State Department, the Center has “off-site” non-residential internships (in which interns mostly telecommute from another location via the Internet). As part of this “off-site” arrangement, which resembles that used for independent consultants, interns receive assignments, conduct research and analysis, and submit contributions via the Internet. They can work anywhere and at anytime (including in Washington DC, but not regularly at Hudson, which lacks a library or intern office facilities). They can even hold a paying job concurrently during the day.

Hudson Institute takes seriously its responsibility to train and educate our researchers. The results of the research will not benefit only the Hudson Institute. Our alumni have gained admittance to graduate programs in a number of excellent universities. Other former interns are contributing to improving public policy by working in various government agencies, media organizations, or think tanks (including Hudson) throughout the world.

Please contact Richard Weitz, Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Political-Military Analysis, Hudson Institute, at Weitz@hudson.org for more information.

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