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The Department of Political Science introduces students to the world of government and politics.  From international terrorism to revolutions in the Middle East to presidential elections in the U.S., students in Political Science develop the specialized knowledge to become leaders in advancing one of the most fundamental goals of human society: good governance.

Political science offers a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree that covers the major fields in the discipline, with specializations in law and legal studies; security studies; international relations; public policy and administration; comparative politics; American political institutions; campaigns and elections; and identity, culture, and politics. In each of these areas, we introduce students to core introductory courses, followed by a variety of upper level courses to help students explore key topics and issues in greater depth. Required courses in political theory and research methods provide the foundation for upper level courses and are applicable in co-op experiences and beyond.

The Department of Political Science offers students a diverse array of opportunities outside the classroom. These include: professor-led trips abroad to explore the politics and life of other governments and societies first-hand; co-ops at all levels of government and the private and nonprofit sectors; student-led groups and activities, such as the International Relations Council, the Political Science and International Affairs Student Association, the NU Political Review; and the opportunity to work directly with full-time faculty on research, community service, and civic engagement.

Learning Outcomes

The following learning outcomes apply to the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Political Science as well as the combined majors in Political Science.

Learn More About Being a Political Science Student

Professors Kirsten Rodine-Hardy and Serena Parekh take questions from prospective students in this video chat geared toward students who are interested in the political science or politics, philosophy and economics (PPE) majors at Northeastern within the College of Social Sciences and Humanities.