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Pols & Politics: What to do about Donald Trump if you are a Massachusetts Republican?

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Boston Herald, May 2024

Local Republicans have a challenge this year — what to do about a twice-impeached former president that is seeking another stint in the White House while simultaneously facing criminal charges. Talking about Donald Trump is a double-edged sword.

Backing him could alienate the Democrats and Independents that conservatives need to win over in order to successfully beat their opponents but rebuffing Trump might anger the right-wing voters who make up a candidate’s base. “Trump is a delicate dance for Republican candidates in Massachusetts. Biden will likely beat Trump in the range of two to one in the general election so tying yourself to Trump too much could become an anchor around the candidates’ neck,” said Rob Gray, a veteran political strategist who worked on campaigns for former governors Charlie Baker and Mitt Romney.

Another option? Political insiders are advising candidates this cycle to ignore or avoid talking about Trump and instead focus on the hot-button issues affecting Massachusetts like the price to house migrants in a large network of state-funded hotels and motels or the exorbitant cost of housing.

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