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Welcome to the Politics, Philosophy and Economics Program at Northeastern University. This program was launched in the fall of 2015 to enable students who have an interest in politics, economics and philosophy to pursue a course of study that allowed them to engage with the interconnections of the different disciplines. For example, many students are interested in learning about how moral values can be applied to political and economic institutions and policies or about the political and social implications of certain economic policies. The PPE major allows student to not only pursue a course of study in the three disciplines themselves, but also teaches students to make connections across disciplines in order to more deeply understand complex social phenomena, both domestically and internationally.

The PPE major combines classes in all three disciplines and allows students to choose a concentration based on their interests, such as Environmental and Energy Policy, International Political Economy, Law and Justice, or Public and Economic Policy, among others. As with all of Northeastern’s programs, there is a strong component of experiential liberal arts (coops, internships, study abroad, service-learning, and international dialogues) specifically geared towards PPE majors that will introduce students to different kinds of employment, reinforce classroom teaching, and assist in the development and advancement of career goals. PPE courses are taught by faculty members who are engaged in a wide variety of research projects and who are also interested in making connections between different disciplines.

In short, the PPE major is a very exciting new program at Northeastern and I extend a warm welcome to all students, both current majors and those interested in becoming one.

Dr. Serena Parekh
Director of the PPE Program

Department News

“Uncivil Disobedience in Hong Kong”, Prof. Delmas

Wherever protests erupt, a familiar and now global kind of common sense is mobilized: dissent and disobedience are good, but they should be civil and nonviolent, for violence and incivility are morally wrong and strategically counterproductive. But in their ongoing protests, Hongkongers have called this received wisdom into question. They have clashed violently with the…
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Marianne Williamson: Take your campaign out of yoga studios- Brianna Pereira

Marianne Williamson shocked the political world by qualifying for the first two Democratic debates. Best known as the spiritual leader of a New Thought megachurch that centers its beliefs in mind-healing, she beat out experienced politicians like U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton. While she has only been polling at 1 percent, her impact on politics and…
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Upcoming Events


William and Mary Conference

Isaac Shur
April 6-7, 2019

On the tail-end of my co-op in the department of philosophy and religion, I got to travel to the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia to present a (mostly) finalized version of my paper, ...

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“The Culture of Exclusion? 6th Edition: The Politics of Exclusion”

Isaac Shur
February 14-16, 2019

Recently I had an amazing opportunity to travel all the way to Krakow, Poland, to present my research at Jagiellonian University’s annual conference “The Culture of Exclusion.” The theme of the co...

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