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Enhanced PhD Research Experience Program

CSSH Enhanced Research Experience Program for Stipended Graduate Students

In Fall 2014 the College of Social Sciences and Humanities is pleased to announce a new opportunity for PhD students, researchers, and faculty in the College. In an effort to increase the research experiences for our PhD students the College will fund a limited number of Research Assistantships for current PhD students in a pilot program. Any faculty member, research center director, or other college unit can participate in this program.

The experiences being made available to PhD students may include research, either with individual faculty, with a journal or in a research center where the students will be exposed to new research or editorial skills. Other opportunities might include research in conjunction with an outside agency, such as conducting a program evaluation.

This is a competitive two-step pilot program. First interested faculty will submit a brief proposal and a job advertisement, which will be reviewed by a faculty committee who will then make recommendations to the Dean. The Dean will select a small number of faculty proposals for the enhanced PhD research experiences to be funded during the spring 2015 semester. In the second step PhD students in the College will be notified of the approved research opportunities and encouraged to apply. Students will be eligible to apply if they are already fully funded by the College, have been in their PhD program for at least one academic year, and are in good academic standing. Students who are scheduled to teach as instructors of record in the Spring 2015 semester will not be eligible for this first round of enhanced experiences.

Students selected for this experience will receive their normal SGA stipend and tuition waiver for the period of the assignment. We expect that these opportunities will be either 10 or 20 hours a week with priority given to 10-hour requests. Students with a regular 20-hour assignment will be expected to provide the remaining 10 hours of service to their school or department.

To apply, a faculty member or research center director should submit a brief (1-2 page) application and a one-paragraph job advertisement that describes the research opportunity. The application must include a detailed description of the activities in which the student will engage and any products towards which the student will contribute, such as co-authorship of an academic paper, co-authorship of a technical report, or development of a website. The application needs to describe any skills that are required for the position. The application should also describe any additional sources of funding such as faculty grants or contracts that could support part of the student’s salary. If grant or start-up funding is available for the summer months, the research experience can be extend from spring semester into May and June 2015. The stipend to be paid for these two months would be a maximum of $3,200.00. The research assistantship may vary in length from one semester to 6 months (i.e., one semester plus one summer semester).

Applications from faculty who would like to provide an enhanced research opportunity for a PhD student should be submitted to Rosie McLaughlin via r.mclaughlin@neu.edu in the Dean’s Office by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, October 1, 2014. The successful faculty or center applicants will be notified by Wednesday, October 8, 2014.

Spring 2015 Job Listing


Schedule for Spring 2015 Program

Requests from faculty to Dean – October 1, 2014
Approval from Dean – October 8, 2014
Opportunities posted on CSSH website – October 10, 2014
Students apply for positions – October 10-30, 2014
Finalists interviewed by faculty – Nov 2-7, 2014
Students notified – Nov 15, 2014
Please address questions to Jack McDevitt, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, at j.mcdevitt@neu.edu.