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Climate Justice University: Another Education is Possible

Led by: Jennie C. Stephens

As a Radcliffe-Salata Climate Justice fellow for 2023-2024, Professor Stephens will complete her book manuscript, provisionally titled “Climate Justice University: Another Education is Possible,” (Hopkins Press) which reimagines how higher education can be restructured to accelerate transformative social innovation toward a more just, healthy and stable fossil-fuel-free future. The book proposes a paradigm shift to leverage the untapped potential of institutions of higher education to advance systemic social change to reduce growing health inequities, economic injustices and climate vulnerabilities. This project of hope and possibility challenges complacency about how current university systems concentrate wealth and power, sustain fossil fuel reliance, and reinforce inequities and injustices.

Project sponsor/grantor:

  • Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability

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