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Digital Archive of Indigenous Language Persistence (DAILP)

Led by: Ellen Cushman

The Digital Archive of Indigenous Language Persistence (DAILP) is a community-based digital archive created to support Indigenous peoples’ knowledge, interpretations, and representations of the past. DAILP’s pilot collection of Cherokee syllabary documents have been translated by our team of Cherokee community members, students, software engineers, partner archives, and linguists. DAILP’s goal is to expand its online collection through community-centered design for transparent language learning and the sustainment of Indigenous languages. All of DAILP’s code is available on its GitHub site. DAILP is supported by the Henry R. Luce Foundation, the National Archives National Historical Records & Publications Commission, and the National Endowment for the Humanities, among others. DAILP is committed to enabling indigenous communities to create and endure change through reading, writing, speaking, and listening in indigenous languages.

Media Coverage:

Full Project Team:

  • Naomi Trevino (Project Sociolinguist & Assistant Project Manager)
  • Julia Flanders (Professor of the Practice in English; Director, Digital Scholarship Group)
  • Taylor Snead (Lead Computational Linguist & UX Designer)
  • Hazelyn Aroian (Web Content Developer, BS ’25)
  • Victor Hugo Mendevil (Web Content Writer & Editor, MA ’23)
  • Chanmi Oh (Interdisciplinary Software Engineer, BS ’23)
  • Melissa Torres (Linguistic Annotater, BS ’23)
  • Charlie McVicker (Cherokee Audio Annotator)

Outside Collaborators:

  • United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians (UKB)
    • Ernestine Berry
    • Roy Boney, Jr.
    • Brian Carpenter
    • Lisa Conathan
    • Eva Garroutte
    • Clara Proctor
    • John Ross
    • Hiroto Uchihara
  • Northeastern Library
    • Patrick Murray-John
    • Sarah Sweeney
    • Rob Chavez
    • David Cliff
    • Greg McClellan
    • George Miles
    • Rose Miron
  • Other community partners
    • ᏗᎦᏃᏣᎵ Patrick Del Percio
    • Wade Blevins
    • Ben Frey
    • Rachel C. Jackson
    • Mary ᎺᎵ Rae
    • Bobbie Gail Smith
    • Mike ᎩᏳᎦ White
    • Oleta Pritchett
    • Jeffrey Bourns
    • John Ross
    • Tyler Hodge

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