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Intelligence, Data, Ethics and Society (IDEAS) Summer Institute

Led by: Sina Fazelpour

The increasing use of AI technologies in sensitive domains makes it imperative to carefully evaluate their impacts and to structure appropriate regulatory and design responses. Education is an obvious first step, but effective education in responsible AI faces two challenges: lack of the integrated multidisciplinary knowledge base required for collaboratively responding to the risks posed by AI technologies, and underrepresentation of students from historically disadvantaged groups, who are disproportionately harmed by these technologies. IDEAS is a multidisciplinary two-week summer program that seeks to address these challenges through a new model for inclusive training of undergraduate students in the nascent field of responsible AI.

The core objectives of IDEAS are four-fold:

  1. cross-disciplinary educational training;
  2. career mentorship;
  3. broadening participation; and
  4. network building.

Overall, the program will foster a diverse community of researchers and practitioners who are able to systematically analyze the ethical risks posed by AI technologies and collaboratively develop systems that align with our social and ethical values.

Outside collaborators:

  • David Danks, University of California San Diego
  • Jeff Behrends, Harvard University

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