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Deaf Interpreter Initiative

During the 2005-2010 grant cycle, the Deaf Interpreter Practice work-team delineated the unique competencies required of Deaf interpreters in a document titled Toward Effective Practice: Competencies of the Deaf Interpreter.

In order to build upon that foundation, an expert team of Deaf interpreter practitioners and educators developed a curriculum reflecting the skills and knowledge sets described in the report.

Team members worked with a curriculum specialist to develop instructional modules and materials.

After the modules were piloted in the Road to Deaf Interpreting training series, they were evaluated and revised. The finalized curriculum is available online at

Deaf Interpreter Initiative Team photo

 Also available at


Deaf Interpreter Curriculum 2015 Digital Edition


Directory of Deaf Interpreter Trainers and Consultants


Deaf Interpreter Curriculum Trainings


Deaf Interpreter Curriculum Webinar Archive

For more information on the work conducted in the 2005 – 2010 grant cycle, including key findings:


Deaf Interpreter: Effective Practices Research Findings – English version

Road to Deaf Interpreting Training Series

Fall 2015


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