As of October 1, 2016, the Regional Interpreter Education Center at Northeastern University (NURIEC) no longer provides support to this site because our funding has ended.

Discover Interpreting Recruitment Campaign

The National Consortium has undertaken a nationwide marketing campaign, Discover Interpreting, designed to draw men and women from diverse backgrounds into careers as American Sign Language-English interpreters.


The goal of the project is to create an attractive, inviting image of interpreting as a viable career option. The initiative has created a unique website, recruitment brochures, a Facebook Page, and an Interpreter Ambassador Program. Brochures are disseminated in local high schools through mail and college recruiting events, college foreign language classes, and to agencies and businesses that interact with the Deaf and interpreting communities. provides information on what interpreting is all about, how to become an interpreter, specialty areas of interpreting, and links to helpful resources where prospective interpreters can learn more about the field and the interpreting community. On the Facebook Page members exchange information on language learning and interpreter training opportunities. The Interpreter Ambassador Program is a volunteer program in which working interpreters and Deaf individuals are trained to use specially designed presentation tools to take the Discover Interpreting message into schools and organizations in their local communities. Though the program is no longer in effect, we still encourage any current or prospective Ambassadors to join our online community and use our resources to continue their individual outreach.