As of October 1, 2016, the Regional Interpreter Education Center at Northeastern University (NURIEC) no longer provides support to this site because our funding has ended.

Dennis Cokely, Ph.D., CSC

Dennis Cokely, Ph.D., CSC, is the director of the ASL Program and professor at Northeastern University.  He is the principle investigator for the National Interpreter Education Center (NIEC) and is internationally known as a consultant and lecturer. Dennis has conducted numerous training modules both in the United States and abroad on ASL semantics and developing and conducting diagnostic assessments of interpreters. Among various other projects, Dennis was involved in the development stages of the NCIEC’s Teaching Interpreting Media “TerpTalks.” Dennis’s involvement in interpreter education, including material development and teaching, spans decades.

Patrick Costello, M.Ed., S.Ed.

Patrick J. Costello, M.Ed., S.Ed., affectionately known as “PC,” directs the Deaf Cultural Center at The Learning Center for the Deaf in Framingham, where he formerly taught high school history, was Principal of the Middle School, and was Director of American Sign Language Instruction. His latest project is developing an onsite museum of Deaf Culture and history. Costello received his B.S. in Business from Gallaudet University, his M.Ed. in Deaf Education from Boston University, and his Ed.S. in Change Leadership in Education from Gallaudet University in 2002. He lives in Upton with his family, enjoys skiing, golfing, and motorcycling, and supports the Red Sox and the Jets.

Anna Davis, M.Ed., CI/CT

Anna has been a certified ASL-English Interpreter since 2005. Currently, she is a staff interpreter at the Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Boston. Since 2008, she has worked as a Video Relay Service interpreter, as well. She has previously worked with Northeastern University Regional Interpreter Education Center and at the ASL Program at Northeastern University. Anna’s interests include adult learning theory, languages, urban public education, translation and interpretation, and comedy.  

Jackie Emmart, MS, NIC-A

Jackie Emmart, MS, NIC-A, has been fortunate to learn from and work among some of the most talented interpreters the field has to offer, and believes in paying it forward. As such, at times during the last ten years she has served as Massachusetts RID Secretary, National RID Interim Region I Representative, Northeastern University (NU) IEP instructor, student and novice interpreter mentor, and co-facilitator of the annual NU Interpreting Symposium. She was a staff interpreter at Boston Children’s Hospital from 2008-2015 and is recently back to interpreting full-time in private practice, contracting in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. She is the honored recipient of the 2015 Thomas H. Gallaudet Service Award from the Massachusetts State Association of the Deaf. Above all else, Jackie believes that keeping ourselves accountable to the Deaf community, to our interpretations, and to one another will push us to bring our best selves to each assignment. Ongoing conversations such as those that will be had in the lunchtime sessions are one way we can engage in the type of personal and professional development that allows us to serve with integrity.

Jean Healy, M.Ed.

Personal: Have used interpreting services for 30 plus years. Became legally DeafBlind from a childhood illness. Started learning ASL after college.

Professional: Have a M.Ed. in Rehabilitation and have worked with Deaf and DeafBlind people in various positions for 30 years in Massachusetts and Washington state. Since 2008 have worked at DEAF, Inc. as Assistant Director of the DeafBlind Community Access Network (DBCAN) program primarily recruiting, training, matching support service providers with DeafBlind people in their Massachusetts communities. In addition coordinate interpreters for program/agency meetings/events for DeafBlind staff and/or DeafBlind community members.

Erica Kramer

Erica Kramer first discovered her interest in American Sign Language in 2003 while completing a B.S. in Film & Television Production at Boston University. Since then, she has grown passionate about the language, the Deaf community, and the field of interpreting. In 2013, Erica uprooted her life to pursue her second B.S., this time in ASL / English Interpreting from Northeastern University. While at Northeastern, she seized every opportunity to be involved and give back to the Deaf and interpreting communities, including co-coordinating three annual ASL Festivals and Summer Symposiums and serving as Volunteer Co-Coordinator for StreetLeverage-Live 2016. Erica graduated from Northeastern this May and is thrilled to finally join the Massachusetts interpreting community. Currently, she serves on the Young Professional Interpreters (YPI) Leadership Team as she works toward her national certification and state screening.

Tom Lauterborn

Tom Lauterborn is currently the Staff Interpreter and Administrative Assistant for Northeastern University’s American Sign Language Program. He graduated from Northeastern University in 2013 earning a Bachelor of Science in American Sign Language/English Interpreting. Tom is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Leadership and Project Management. He also serves on the leadership team of Young Professional Interpreters (YPI), an organization focused on the novice interpreter experience. When not working at the ASL Program at Northeastern, Tom enjoys attending Deaf events and continuing to be an active part of the Deaf community.

Terry Malcolm, CDI

Terry Malcolm, CDI, has been working as a staff Deaf Interpreter for the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing since 2000. She attended Northeastern University’s Interpreter Preparation Program for Deaf Interpreters from 1997 – 2000.  She has been interpreting for over 20 years in many various settings such as medical, mental health, community, DeafBlind, platform, team meetings, and trainings.  As an ASL coordinator for the Massachusetts Mentorship Program at DEAF, Inc., she recruited Deaf mentors to work with and help hearing interpreters expand the ASL skills and Deaf cultural knowledge.  Terry has mentored both Deaf and hearing students working to become interpreters.

Celia Michau, CI/CT/OTC

A native of Michigan, Celia Michau, CI/CT/OTC, earned her Bachelor of Science degree before moving east and being introduced to the Deaf community. While earning her interpreting certificate at Northern Essex, she had the opportunity to mentor with a leader in the DeafBlind (DB) community. This sparked a career interest in issues of access and equality within the DB community in relation to the community-at-large. Celia is grateful to be welcomed in Boston’s DB community and is committed to giving back through her work. She enjoys mentoring novice interpreters and introducing them to this field.

Since graduation in 2004, she has worked in both staff and freelance positions, focusing on DeafBlind, government, higher education, and community work. Celia is honored to be co-leading this workshop with Jean Healy, one of Boston’s outstanding DeafBlind advocates!

Jeannette "JO" Ocampo Welch, NIC-A, CI, CT, Ed:k-12

Jeannette Ocampo Welch, NIC-A, CI, CT, Ed:k-12, known to many as “JO,” works at Boston University as the Coordinator of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services and the Director for Boston University Center for Interpreter Education. Her experience includes interpreter work in education (k-12 and post-secondary), arts, and conference settings, and specialized work with the DeafBlind community. JO has also held leadership positions in the RID state, regional, and national arenas, with a focus on Interpreters of Color (CDLIC, ITOC MS/Mano a Mano) and Education (IEIS MS). Currently, she is a member of the National Task Force on Deaf-Blind Interpreting (NTDBI). Her aspirations are to incorporate her Latina/trilingual experience into her interpreting work.

JO graduated from Northeastern University with a B.S. degree in American Sign Language-English Interpreting. Prior to her move to the Boston area, JO began her studies as a theatre major at Florida International University. It was her emerging interpreting path that brought her to the great Bay State which she has called home ever since. On a personal note, JO is a photographer, singer, and sous-chef. She is married to Mike Welch, Blues musician, and entertained daily by their wonderful son.

Tim Riker, M.A., CDI, CLIP-R

Tim Riker, M.A., CDI, CLIP-R, was born and raised in Maryland. His parents and brother are all Deaf, and he is a second-generation Deaf person. ASL is his first language because his parents communicated with him in ASL as an infant and in the home. From 1985 to 1998, he attended the Maryland School for the Deaf, where the ASL-English bilingual approach is used. He enrolled at Georgetown University and earned a B.S. in Business Administration. After working in accounting and finance jobs, he returned to get a Certificate in Financial Planning and became a financial advisor. While working as a financial advisor, he enjoyed working with Deaf people and presenting about financial topics. That was when he found his passion working with Deaf people and in the ASL field. He has worked as an educator, advocate, Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI), mentor, and presenter on topics related to ASL, Deaf culture, and interpreting. Since 2013, he has been teaching ASL and Deaf Studies full-time at Brown University. In 2015, he earned his Masters in Sign Language Education from Gallaudet University. Currently, he is very active in the Deaf community, advocating for language equality and social and economic justice.

Karen Turley, M.Ed.

Karen Turley teaches high school English at the Marie Philip School, part of The Learning Center for the Deaf in Framingham. Her most recent project was co-authoring an article with colleague Melanie von Bitter on deaf history, digital tools, and the common core content-area literacy standards, which will appear in the Fall 2017 issue of Sign Language Studies. Turley received her B.A. in English from Miami University (1984) and her M.Ed. in Deaf Education from Boston University (1986). She lives in Cambridge with her family and enjoys cooking, gardening, reading, and Red Sox baseball.

Dawn Whitcher, M.A., CI and CT, NIC

Dawn Whitcher, M.A., CI and CT, NIC, is serving her second term as the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) President.  Having served as a leader both locally and nationally, she enjoys encouraging her peers to volunteer and engage with their community and profession.  Dawn received her B.S. from Northeastern University. With the education of ASL/English Interpreting as her foundation, she went on to receive an M.A. in Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education from Arizona State University. Dawn’s thesis focused on mentorship programs for working interpreters.  Currently, Dawn works as the National Interpreter Education Center (NIEC) Project Coordinator.



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