Welcoming Frederike Ambagtsheer

Frederike Ambagtsheer is a visiting scholar at the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice from September 2017 until February 2018She has a MSc degree in Criminology and an LLM degree in Public International Law. In 2012 she obtained a grant from the European Union to coordinate a 3-year international research project (known as the HOTT project) on human trafficking for the purpose of organ removal. During this project, she worked with scientific researchers from several institutions across Europe, and with organizations including Europol, Eurotransplant, UNODC and the Dutch Police Force, to increase knowledge and awareness of human trafficking for organ removal and to improve the non-legislative response to the crime. In June 2017 she obtained her PhD (with honors) on the organ trade at Erasmus MC (Erasmus University) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where she has been employed since 2009. During her visiting fellowship, she will collaborate with Prof. Farrell to advance her studies on organ trafficking, focusing in particular on the investigation and prosecution of organ trafficking cases and on the modus operandi of organ trafficking networks. In addition, she will be making a series of presentations to the Northeastern community about her research on organ trafficking.

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Published On: September 21, 2017 |
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