Doctoral Student Eileen Kirk Named National Prize Winner of 2018 American Society of Criminology Gene Carte Student Paper Award

The American Society of Criminology elected the 2018 winners of the annual Gene Carte Student Paper Award. The award, established in 1971, is given to recognize outstanding scholarly work of students. This year, doctoral student Eileen Kirk was named one of three recipients of the award. Kirk’s winning paper entitled “Punitive Disadvantage: Prison Cycling as a Dimension of Concentrated Disadvantage explores mass incarceration and policy consequences faced by ex-offenders returning to disproportionately disadvantaged communities. The Student Awards Committee rated entries according to criteria such as the quality of the conceptualization, significance of the topic, clarity and aptness of methods, quality of the writing, command of relevant work in the field, and contribution to criminology. Alongside the other award recipients, Kirk was interviewed by Sociology Lens on her affinity for criminal justice, mass incarceration, and wider implications for public policy. Read the full interview here.

Published On: January 2, 2019 |
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