Professor Jack McDevitt Collects Data to Address Racial Profiling by Police

Professor Jack McDevitt, Director of the Institute in Race and Justice at Northeastern University, is leading a study to address whether police officers in Douglas County, Kansas engage in racial profiling. McDevitt is working alongside Northeastern University Professor Amy Farrell and American University Professor Janice Iwama (Northeastern University ’16) to change the way police departments collect data. The researchers gather information on the racial breakdown of motorists and pedestrians stopped in traffic by police in the county. The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, a policy advisory group, asked McDevitt to conduct the study in the hopes of providing a data driven approach to a community-wide problem. This way, rather than relying on complaints from community members, there are tangible numbers to inform policy and guide change. The disproportionately large number of black inmates in the Douglas County Jail demonstrate a larger issue at hand, and McDevitt aims to use his research to take preventive measures. Read more about his research on racial profiling on News@Northeastern.

Published On: January 7, 2019 |
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