Professor Amy Farrell Will Be a Keynote Speaker at the Kansas University Beyond Discourse Conference

Professor Amy Farrell

Professor Amy Farrell will be one of several featured speakers at the 2019 Beyond Discourse Conference “Critical and Empirical Approaches to Human Trafficking” hosted by Kansas University. Farrell’s research seeks to understand how the criminal justice system responds to newly recognized and prioritized crimes such as hate crimes and human trafficking, which ties in strongly with the conference’s theme. She oversees a program to collect data on human trafficking investigations for the U.S. Department of Justice and has studied and published research about how local, state and federal law enforcement agencies identify, investigate and prosecute human trafficking cases. She recently completed projects examining labor trafficking victimization in the US and assign the effectiveness of state anti-trafficking law reform efforts. In addition to her extensive research, Farrell is also the co-director of the Violence and Justice Research Laboratory and the Undergraduate Program Director for the Northeastern School of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

To learn more about the Beyond Discourse Conference, click here.


Published On: April 1, 2019 |
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