Professor Brandon Welsh Publishes Longest Evaluation of a Randomized Controlled Experiment in the World

Professor Brandon Welsh, Professor Gregory Zimmerman, Northeastern doctoral student Alexis Yohros, and former Northeastern doctoral student Steven Zane published a follow-up of a randomized clinical trial in JAMA Network Open, a weekly peer-reviewed, open access medical journal published by the American Medical Association. Welsh and his colleague’s research investigates the long-term effects of a crime prevention program on mortality. In the original analysis, researchers found that the crime prevention program had negative effects on the study’s participants. However, 80 years later, Welsh did not find any important differences between the those in the crime prevention program (who received individual counseling through a range of activities and home visits for an extended duration) and those who received no special services. Their findings suggest that the earlier observed effects did not persist, which poses significant policy implications for crime prevention programs going forward. Continued research on these studies is needed to better understand why and when some programs cause harm and to help mitigate their perpetuation. Welsh, Zimmerman, Yohros, and Zane have prompted new, interdisciplinary questions.

Read more via Northeastern News, here.

Read the full article in JAMA Network Open, here.


Published On: April 1, 2019 |
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