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Rod Brunson Joins NPF’s Council on Policing Reforms and Race

The National Police Foundation (NPF) announced the formation of the Council on Policing Reforms and Race, a majority African American led nonpartisan initiative that will use research and evidence to guide policing reforms with a focus on addressing racial disparities.

Northeastern Criminology Professor Rod Brunson is one of 17 members on the Council who will meet virtually over the next several months.

The Council is expected to address policing reform topics such as:

  • enhancing accountability;
  • addressing organizational cultural issues that affect policing;
  • the role of recruitment and training in reforms;
  • disproportionality (as it relates to contact, response, and victimization), and;
  • the role of elected leaders, while confronting the existence of outcomes that are influenced by or that lead to racism and bias.

The NPF writes:

“In launching this effort, NPF is acknowledging the role that racism, bias, culture (societal and organizational), and patterns and practices have played and continue to play and will encourage the Council to offer commentary, recommendations, and solutions for addressing these issues, which have substantially led to the deterioration of trust and respect between law enforcement and Black communities. While various national panels and blue-ribbon commissions have been put forth previously to address similar areas of concern, this effort is distinguished by its aims of bringing together a broad cross-section of perspectives, infusing what we know and don’t know from science in relation to these issues, elevating the voices of Black American working inside and outside of the policing profession, and with the support of an organization such as NPF that aims to see these recommendations through to implementation.”

The National Police Foundation

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