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What will criminal justice look like in a post-pandemic world?

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Criminology and Criminal Justice Director Amy Farrell discussed the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic along with the complex issues of the justice system, questions of legitimacy, and racial equality.

“There is a crisis of public health that has disproportionately fallen on communities that have faced longstanding structural disadvantage,” said Farrell during Northeastern’s Myra Kraft Open Classroom Series, hosted by the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs.

Farrell provided context for the presentation Criminal Justice in an Era of Challenge and Reform, by explaining, “There are concerns about the legitimacy and purpose of the justice system. And, as a leader of the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, there are really important questions that we in the School must face about what the justice system should look like.”

According to Farrell, public confidence in the U.S. justice system has decreased substantially in the last 50 years. “This isn’t something that has happened since George Floyd. This isn’t something that has happened in the last year. Part of what I think you’ll see is a theme in this conversation tonight is that we have been in these conversations over and over again, and we come to places of stalemate. I hope what this moment brings us is some initiatives to move beyond where we have been in the past.”

Watch the full conversation:

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