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The Impact of Interventions For At-Risk and Criminally Involved Youths and Adults on Premature Mortality

Criminology professor Brandon Welsh, current doctoral student Jillian Reeves, and former doctoral student Steven Zane published a new peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Developmental and Life-Course Criminology that is now available online. The article is called “Impact of Interventions for At-Risk and Criminally Involved Youths and Adults on Premature Mortality over the Life-Course: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.” Using systemic review methods, the researchers conclude that greater attention needs to be paid to evaluating and understanding premature mortality over the life-course as part of the study of the effectiveness of crime and violence prevention interventions, and research opportunities exist to make an immediate contribution to this body of knowledge. Congratulations to our criminologists for their work to make meaningful contributions in the field!

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