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Bias Crime and Victimization Among Latinx Adults: Formal and Informal Help Seeking

Professors Amy Farrell and Carlos Cuevas and doctoral student Sarah Lockwood published a new peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence that is now available online. The article is called “Bias Crime and Victimization Among Latinx Adults: Formal and Informal Help Seeking.

The article’s abstract states: Latinx adults have become increasingly vulnerable to bias motivated victimization. The impact of such incidents on Latinx communities is severely understudied, particularly concerning whether or not victims will seek help as a result of such events. Evidence within other victimization contexts demonstrate Latinx populations may be less likely to seek formal help from police, medical providers, and other formal authorities, relying instead on informal support networks such as family and friends. The current study sought to understand formal and informal help-seeking behavior among Latinx adults who experienced bias motivated victimization.

Congratulations to Professor Farrell and Cuevas and Sarah!

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