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Professor Brandon Welsh awarded a visiting professorship at Harvard Medical School

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Brandon Welsh, a Professor in SCCJ and Director of the Cambridge-Somerville Youth Study (CSYS), has been awarded a visiting professorship at Harvard Medical School.

Beginning July 1, Welsh will serve as the Visiting Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine. The major focus of his research will be on the historical development and long-term follow-up of the CSYS, including work on the first of two books on the study: Between Medicine and Criminology: Richard Cabot and the Making of the Cambridge-Somerville Youth Study (Oxford University Press).

Welsh’s co-authors are Harvard Medical School Professor Scott Podolsky and Florida State University Professor and SCCJ alumni Steven Zane. Founded in 1935 by Richard Cabot, a renowned physician and professor of clinical medicine and social ethics at Harvard, the CSYS is a randomized controlled trial of a delinquency prevention intervention of 506 underprivileged boys from Cambridge and Somerville, MA. Professor Welsh recently completed the first phase of the long-term follow-up, with a focus on mortality outcomes up to age 90.

More information on the Cambridge-Somerville Youth Study is available here.

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