JD/MS Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Students in the joint JD/M.S. program will meet the degree requirements for both the Juris Doctor and the Master of Science in Criminal Justice. The JD requires 34 semester hours and 53 quarter credits, as well as 4 completed co-ops. The MS requires 32 credits.

Degree Plan

Students will be immersed in the Law School during their first and second academic years. The third year of study will be comprised of all required and elective courses in SCCJ. The summer following year 3 consists of the final coursework required in the Law School. Four Co-ops are completed during years 2–4 in the program.

Summer Fall Winter Spring
Year 1 Law Law
Year 2 Law Co-op Law Law Co-op Law
Year 3 Law Co-op CJ Law Co-op Law
Year 4 Law Law Co-op*

*The Law Co-op will count as 4 SHs toward the MS degree and will serve as a substitute for the internship requirement in the MS program

Courses required for the joint JD/MS degree can be found on CourseLeaf.